Thursday, 3 May 2012

I guess I'm dreaming again...

Floral Strapless Dress // Denim Jacket - Internacionale // Necklace - Bits & Bows

I took this a few days ago when a had a day off work and college, right now i'm in my PJs suffering from the flu. Just got Netflix, it's a million times better than Lovefilm, so just lazing about hoping to get better enough to drag myself into work tomorrow!

I bought this dress for a mere £10 a few months ago from Ark Clothing, it's by Hearts and Crosses who have some really gorgeous pieces. This style of dress is available in a range of colours and patterns. I'm definately going to get another one for summer.

Clo xox

Go Sunkissed not Streaky : A Guide to Fake Tan

St Moriz Self Tanning Mousse Dark (200ml)
I first started using tanning products when I was around 15/16, I knew absolutely nothing about tanning. Apart from I knew I didn't tan naturally, I just go a lovely lobster red colour! Fake tan seemed like it could be the answer to all my pale pasty skinned problems!

The first fake tan I ever used was Superdrug Foam Self Tanner. It ended with me looking an orange, streaky. Mess! It's worth noting, they have since changed their formula (as I have changed my technique) and it's actually a great tanner.

Since then I like to think I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I want to share this so no-one will ever have to go through

I don't use self tan very often, so when I do, I want to get it right (as it's usually for a special occasion) first time. This is what I follow to get it fight, first time round!

You will need..
Your favourite fake Tan (duh!)
Exfoliator / Exfoliating Gloves
Fake tan mitt
Latex gloves



Try to exfoliate the day before you plan to tan, pay most attention to elbows, knees and ankles. After this apply plenty of moisturiser, although do not do this straight before tanning as you will definitely end up a streaky mess.


Do not shave, after tanning. Shaving has the same effect has exfoliating and will turn your gorgeous sun kissed skin into a patchy mess.

The best way to apply the apply tan (for me personally!) is a tanning mitt, with latex gloves underneath. Most fake tan mitts don't even suggest this, and I have no idea why not! Every fake tan mitt I have ever used has leaked right through and left my palms bright orange.

I start with my legs and arms working in circular motions, this reduces the risk of streaking, until it has dried in. I always make sure to do my elbows, knees and ankles last, using minimal product to avoid patchiness. After that I do my hands no-one wants pale mismatched hands or patchy orange hands.

It will depend on the type of tan you are using to the development time. Right now I use St Moriz(Dark) which suggests leaving for a minimum of eight hours. The best way is to apply before you go to bed then wash it off in the morning to be left with a sun kissed tan. (Make sure you don't have white sheets or put a towel down!) My boyfriend doesn't like when I wear fake tan to bed, mainly because a few times I’ve ended up staining the covers (..oops?) so I normally wait until I have a day off work apply it first thing in the morning and get on with housework, college work etc while I’m too orange to go out :)

Washing it off
After you've let it develop, be careful not to shave or exfoliate straight after you have rinsed off your tan. It will remove the colour and you'll look a bit patchy.

Keep it tanned!
As I don't tan very often I usually just apply it the once for a special occasion etc then exfoliate to remove it as soon as it becomes patchy. Although to keep up your colour it is recommended to reapply every 3-5 depending on how dark you want the colour to be.

So there you go girls, get ready for summer!

Clo xox